YouTube Music Set To Replace Google Play Music And Now Pre-installed On Android 10 Devices

Last year Google announced the launching of YouTube Music a platform for streaming anything music: ranging from officials songs, albums, thousands of playlists, broadcasts and artist radio. The new service is said to replace Google Play Music on android.
YouTube Music is replacing the Google Play Music app and its subscribers will be able to play their purchased music, uploads and playlists that were part of their Google Play Music subscription at no extra charge.

Music fans on android phones can now easily unlock the magic of YouTube Music which now comes pre-installed on all new Android 10 and 9 devices including the pixel series.

In addition, YouTube Music let you discover official songs, album and playlists, music videos, remixes, live performances, hard-to-find music and more.

Also both the free and premium versions of YouTube Music will now list songs based on your current location, and you can also search for a specific songs in vague terms.

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