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Browsetechs.com.ng is one of the online most visited platform which offer the latest update in world of Techs, Gadget Reviews, Android Tips, Games, Entertainment and other related topics. 

The Platform which started out on the 2nd of July 2018 was inspired by Toheeb Jibola. A man who needed a space where he could put down his thoughts on existing and emerging technology and internet data. The goal is to make internet browsing affordable or free to all, and to raise more tecnophiles across Africa and the whole world.

We also publish articles on latest games and her consoles, plus new features added on top social networks like Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, and more. Occasionally, we feature event stories that we believe will have an impact the lives of our readers.

The Site Director:
Toheeb Jibola has always been passionate about free browsing and Technology as well as writing right from high school. Having this blog gave him the avenue bring the goodness of technology to everyone.

We have a very wide community of Browsetechites who read, love, and enjoy our updates everytime and day. As we continue to create original content and we hope that you also find one or more that deeply impacts your tech lifestyle.

Can I Republish Articles Here On My Site?
Using and/or duplicating of any material on this blog and website without express and written permission or authorization from this blog’s author and owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided absolute and distinct credits are given to Browsetechs with appropriate reference to content source. For permission to use any material on this blog, send an email to akinsolajibolatoheeb@gmail.com

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