How To Earn Free N30,000 Awoof Moni Promo On PalmPay App For Free

To celebrate it's one year anniversary and 1 million users worldwide, PalmPay has introduced a new promo offer called PalmPay Awoof Moni to allow its users both (New and Existing) to earn up to N30,000 Awoof Moni for free.

PalmPay Awoof Moni is a promo offer that allows a PalmPay users earn free N30,000 by gifting others. Using this promo, PalmPay is giving every customer N30,000 Awoof Moni to do a giveaway.

Meaning when a customer sends up to N100 from his/her Awoof Moni wallet to a friend and after the friend download the PalmPay app, claims the money and eventually spends it, the customer would get rewarded with the same amount.

How To Download & Claim PalmPay Awoof Moni

For existing PalmPay app users

  • Kindly click the button to claim the PalmPay Awoof Moni/link/button
  • On the page input your mobile number and claim.
  • After claiming it, you will be directed to the Awoof Moni dashboard on your PalmPay app to spend it.
  • Use the money to purchase airtime or data or pay any biller.

If you're a new user and haven't installed the PalmPay app on your phone before

How To Get Awoof Moni Link & Earn N30,000 Free To Bank Account 

Every PalmPay app users is entitled to the N30,000 Awoof Moni promo and can participate in the promo offer. Follow the below procedure to get your Awoof Moni link.
  • Launch the PalmPay app
  • Tap on Awoof Moni icon on the main navigation of the app.
  • Then click the Send Awoof to get Awoof button to get your Awoof Moni link.
  • And lastly, send your Awoof Moni link to your friends and encourage them to claim the money and spend it on any purchase on the PalmPay app.

If you're sending Awoof Moni to a new customer/user, they can claim up to N100 Awoof Moni, while an existing customer/user can claim randomly from N5 to N50.alert-info

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