Download Latest MX Player Pro Apk v1.25.5

Are you looking for the latest MX Player Pro? well you are in right place now, MX Player Pro is a premium and awesome video player app that allows you to easily watch movies and tv shows on your mobile phone with ease.

MX Player Pro is a premium version of the MX Player app and comes with lots of exciting features you wouldn't expect, an intuitive and seamless viewing experience for user's convenience.

Features Of MX Player Pro App

  • Hardware Acceleration: MX Player Pro allows hardware acceleration where you can apply it to more videos, thanks to the help of HW+ decoder.
  • Multi-Core Decoding: MX Player Pro also features multi-core decoding where your device will play videos more smoothly and quickly.
  • Zoom: MX Player Pro features intuitive zoom features for maximum convenience.
  • Subtitle & Subtitle Gestures: For International videos, you'd probably need subtitle. MX Player Pro features intuitive controls for subtitles. You can also have access to subtitle gestures where you can scroll forward/backward to move to the next/forward text.

  • Ad-Free Experience: MX Player Pro also allows seamless viewing experience without ads. This is one features that the pro version has and that of the free version doesn't have.
  • Easy Interface: MX Player Pro has a clean and minimal interface to allow you to focus on watching movies, tv shows or any video you wish.
  • Support Lots Of Video Formats: MX Player Pro also supports plenty of video formats. Whether .mp4, avi, mx, or any video format and allows you to play it.
  • Convenience: MX Player Pro offers maximum convenience for your viewing pleasure and has all the basic plus advance features you need for the perfect viewing experience.

Where To Download MX Player Pro App

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