Ntel 4G Latest Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat 2019

Wadup guys through out yesterday, Ntel SIMs all over Nigeria has been browsing and downloading for free even without active data. A lot of people has also confirmed theirs to be working, and more interestingly, there is no VPN settings or special code for this.
The unlimited free browsing on Ntel started after the telecom company experience downtime on their network which lasted for about 48 hours. The 4G provider network later fixed the issue and then sent out "Sorry for the unconvenience" text messages to customers.

But even after that, data network started connecting for free again since yesterday and up till now subscribers are still able to browse and download for free.

Some users reported to have used over 20GB worth of data to browse, stream and download - and still counting, without paying a dime. This is a serious technical glitch from Ntel. Recall June last year the company suffer same technical glitch and users were able to browse unlimited for that period.

How Can I Activate The Ntel Unlimited Free Browsing

As stated earlier it's a glitch and does not requires special code or use of VPN. All you have to do is insert your Ntel SIM into your Android 4G phone, Mi-Fi or Modem and start browsing, if not go and buy the SIM now at any Ntel office for just N1000.

Note: Ntel has network coverage only in three states at the moment which are; Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja. If you're in other states, you cannot make use of the network.

Please kindly share the post and let us know how many Gigs you were able to consumed.

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