Facebook Launches Dating Service "Facebook Dating" In US And Other 20 Countries

As reported earlier in 2018, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg teased the coming of the new dating feature Facebook Dating in its platform after telling software developers at the company's annual F8 conference that a dating service would be a natural fit for Facebook since they already specialized in connecting people online.
Facebook has now announced it's launching of the new dating service in its platform across the US on Thursday through the company's CEO Mark Zuckerberg via a Facebook post.

The newly launched service, Facebook Dating can be accessed in the Facebook app but requires users to create a separate dating-specific profile. It then links users with potential matches based on location, indicated preferences, events attended, groups and other factors.

Facebook Dating will also integrate with Instagram and offer a feature called Secret Crush, which allows users to compile a list of friends they have an interest in, to be matched with if the crush lists them as well.

However, many are skeptical and worried that a company involved by numerous privacy scandals should be trusted with helping users with the private journey of finding love.

According to Jason Kelley, a digital strategist at online privacy nonprofit the Electronic Frontier Foundation. "If you're trying to avoid dating services that have red flags, you can't really find one that has more red flags than Facebook, the company has a terrible track record of keeping user data safe". he said.

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