9mobile SuperTV: How To Stream Movies, Tv Series And Live Tv Shows Without Internet Data

The competition in the telecom industry is getting healthier everyday, just few months back when Airtel launched its Mobile Tv called iFlix App for smartphones, which provides premium television content to Nigerians across the country.

MTN also follows suit and announced its data free Mobile TV app named Cruise Tv. Now, 9mobile has joined the race and introduced an app called SuperTV which gives customers access to watch their favorite movies and TV series on the go anywhere in Nigeria.

Unlike other Mobile TV app, SuperTV gives you premium access to watch your favorite movies and TV series anywhere in Nigeria without data or internet connection on the 9mobile network. You can watch hit movies and TV shows from any location in Nigeria on your smartphone, iOS or tablet with zero data and no internet cost, and most interesting your existing data is not charged while watching SuperTV.

You can watch Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood, Igbo Bollywood, Kannywood, Yoruba Nollywood, Live TV, Documentary, Comedy, Lifestyle, Musical, TV Shows and many more on any connected device such as Android phones, tablets and boxes, iPhone, iPad, Desktop, Laptop, Mac and Chromecast to Smart TV.

You can only stream on the SuperTV app for free only if you are a subscriber on the 9mobile network, any other network provider will carry data charges. Therefore, kindly get a new 9mobile sim if you don't have one to enjoy the amazing features of the 9mobile's SuperTV app.

How Does 9Mobile's SuperTV Works?

  • Download SuperTV app from your Google Play store
  • Launch the app on your device
  • You are logged in automatically as long as you are on the 9mobile network.
  • Click "Subscribe Now" and select your desired plan.
  • Re-launch the app and then sign out from the dropdown menu.
  • Launch the app again and begin watching movies and TV shows of your choice.

9mobile SuperTV Subscription

SuperTV offers Daily, Weekly and Monthly plans on Gold and Starter bouquets. However, you have free 7 days trials access to all the movies contents before you decide if you want to subscribe to daily, weekly or monthly bouquets.

Where To Download 9Mobile SuperTV App

Android users can download the SuperTv app from Google Playstore Here, and iOS users can download from Apple App Store, while Windows and Mac users can download it directly from their app store. Meanwhile to stream with your Laptop or Desktop computer, you can access their website via the URL supertv.ng on chrome or Firefox browser.

Having Trouble Loging Into SuperTV App

  • Turn off your Wi-Fi.
  • Make 9mobile SIM your primary data sim, if you are using a dual sim phone, change your APN settings from WAP to 9mobile.
  • Your 9mobile data network must be turned ON.

Well I must say this is a good one from 9mobile, streaming without data or internet connection. We hope it last, MTN users can also enjoy their favorite movies and TV shows for free on Cruise Tv mobile app without any data.

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